Pressure Controller

Pressure Controller Part #: WIKP-126

Take control of your nitrous pressure with this DC Voltage complete kit. Regulates your nitrous pressure by adjusting the pressure switch to the desired pressure. This kit contains the parts:

– APSW-1250 Pressure Switch
– #4 or #6 Swivel Fitting with 1/8″ NPT Plug (your choice of size)
– Relay RS-540
– Teflon Tape
– Toggle Switch
– 5 Pin Pre-Wires Relay Socket RSK-12
– Fuses 20amp, 25amp, 30amp
– In-line mini fuse holder PCM-5406
– All Female, Ring and Butt Connectors needed
– 30 ft roll #12 gauge wire

These comply with all racing regulations.

Two size line kits
#4 kit part #WIKP-124
#6 kit part #WIKP-126

Price: $115.00

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