10lbs and 15lbs Nitrous Bottles

10 or 15 lb Bottles

Part #: 19900 (10lbs red)  /  19900-G (10lbs gray)  /  19905 (15lbs red)  /  19908-G (15lbs gray) — Specify bottle nut size #4 or #6 or #8

Complete with our Max-Flow Valve, liquid filled gauge, racer safety, and bottle nut in place our nitrous bottles are truly a complete package that is race ready unlike many of our competitors bottles. We carry quality nitrous bottles with top of the line components! Our nitrous bottles are high grade aluminum cylinder with a thick, durable powder coat finish. They have our high flow valves with racer safety, bottle nut,and 1 1/2″ liquid filled gauge all installed when it gets to you. Our nitrous bottles are ready to be filled and ran down the track when they arrive at your door. Specify bottle nut AN fitting size.

Price: 10lbs Bottle $225  /  15lbs Bottle $255

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