Fuel Flow Gauge

Fuel Flow Gauge

Part #: 19706

One of the most important aspects of running a nitrous system is fuel pressure. Fuel pressure can make the difference between no power by being too rich or damaged pistons by being too lean. Induction Solutions flow tool is the best in the business! Without an accurate flow tool you can not set your nitrous systems flowing fuel pressure properly. The Induction Solutions Flow Tool also includes an inline shut off valve for safety, .073 jet already installed in line, and a flow tool case to keep the flow tool safe when not in use.

Available option to add the Quick Disconnect Hose End and corresponding male quick disconnect fitting(Part# 22802) for an additional $42.75

If purchasing the QD option it may be necessary to buy a gauge port adapter, or for multi-regulator uses, gauge port adapters/additional male QD fittings.

Price: $228 to $270.75

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